Guaranty Trust Bank Limited

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Guaranty Trust Bank Limited is a private Bank with a full, unrestricted banking and trust license to conduct business from the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Our client's confidentiality is fully protected by The Bahamas legal code.

The Bank provides all traditional Banking facilities, with the basic criterion of maintaining short-term loan portfolios, funded, as far as possible, from our non-Bank deposits and our capital funds. We provide financial packages most suited to the needs of individual clients.

The Bank is highly proficient in financial services, professional trust management and fiduciary services. We provide a wide range of facilities to discriminating individuals and corporations throughout the world, who need private and sophisticated financial advice, and we take an energetic and assertive approach to problem solving.

A bank the size of Guaranty Trust Bank Limited is clearly not intended to provide a mass service on the lines of major merchant and commercial banks. It is a highly specialized, respectable organization, which can deal with individual requirements in an efficient and cost effective way.